sleepy_lotus (sleepy_lotus) wrote in sparrabeth,

A Few Announcements...

A few announcements, my dears!

1) I have started a POTC Sparrabeth blog on Tumblr. You can find me at I'm slowly learning how to use it, but so far it's great fun! It's a much more visual medium.

2) With This Ring, Or Fate Intervenes is up to CHAPTER 25: Flow With the Tao.  It's almost finished!

Summary: Marooned on a desert isle with a certain wobble-legged pirate, Elizabeth finds herself fighting for survival, and falling in love not with the legend of Jack Sparrow, but the man. Rescue is bittersweet, and in a devil’s bargain she trades herself to Norrington for Jack’s freedom. Will she become the Commodore’s wife, or will Fate intervene? Set during COTBP-ish... Sparrabeth!!!
Rating: MA/NC-17

3) I've started a new fic, On Stranger Tides (The Pirate King Remix). New is relative, because I'm already on Chapter 6: And He Made Her His King.

Summary: If you were as disappointed as me by the glaring lack of our dear Pirate King in POTC 4, this fic might be for you. This is my REMIX of On Stranger Tides, with Elizabeth Swann inserted. Here there be Sparrabeth. Ye’ve been warned.
Rating: T, for now.

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