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Drabble - "Now Sleeps the Swann"

Title: Now Sleeps the Swann
Author: skybound2 
Characters: Elizabeth (with references to Jack, Will, and Weatherby)
Rating: K
Word Count: ~150
Author's Note: Wrote this as a birthday present for djarum99 nearly a year ago, and never got around to posting it outside my own LJ (first attempt at PotC fic and all). This is set sometime during AWE; the title is shamelessly cribbed (and altered) from the "Pink Floyd" song A Pillow of Winds. Hope you like!

Now Sleeps the Swann

Drabble: Diamonds And Rust

Title: Diamonds And Rust
Author: djarum99
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: J/E
Disclaimer: Disney owns the world of pirates, and I make no profit
A/N: An extended drabble in response to the blackpearlsails prompt “name,” set after Jack’s conversation with Teague in AWE, and a prologue of sorts to What In Me Is Dark Illumine/Bright Defend. I will be posting the first chapter in the next week or two, hopefully, of a sequel written in this universe.

Diamonds And Rust
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Old Question, but it keeps conversation up :)

I have a question which I'm certain has been psed here before, but I am in need of a canonical (or really freakin' plausible) answer as soon as possible for a special project, to be posted at <lj user="sparrabeth"> and <lj user="potc_feminists"> (to which this is crossposted).

Is there any official answer to where Elizabeth is, in the "Ten Years Later" scene at the end of AWE, when she and Junior are waiting for Will to return from the Dutchman? If there isn't, I need a "fanon" answer, something that's been universally acknowledged to the be the right answer, because frankly? I'm pretty horrible at thinking up things like that!

(As an aside, I was thinking today about the provenance of Junior. If Will was officially a member of the undead, how did he impregnate Elizabeth? LOL, it's hilarious to me that probably this question has been answered a million times with a resounding "HE'S JACK'S KID!", but I must then bring up the point that Ted & Terry stated that Elizabeth had to remain faithful to Will. At least that's what they said initially. I'm a little fuzzy on which way the two writers are currently backtracking and covering up their canonical misogyny.)
EDIT: The word "misogyny" was pointed out to me (I'm not sure if it was here or at </a></font></b></a>sparrabeth)--but rightfully so. The word I should have used was "sexism."

Fic update: In Thought or Deed

Irene Adler
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Janus and the Prodigal

Title: Janus and the Prodigal
Author: Erinya
Disclaimer: Property of Johnny Depp and Keith Richards (and Disney, nominally.)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack's return to Shipwreck Cove, a few years post-AWE. This short fic focuses on Jack and Teague, but with strongly implied J/E in the background, so I thought I'd share it here.
Note: Written for virgo_79, with much love, for this year's Black Pearl Sails Secret Santa, and brought to you by the AWE soundtrack. Janus, of course, is the god of changes, of beginnings and endings, who looks forward and back as the year turns.

"Your King'll be back before the New Year."

Fic: December's Children, C. 5 - Don't Look Back

Title: December’s Children
Chapter Five : Don’t Look Back
Author: djarum99
Characters: Jack, Elizabeth, Will, Ragetti, Bootstrap, the crew of the Nereid
Rating: N17
Pairing: J/E, J/W/E implied
Disclaimer: Disney owns the world of pirates, and I make no profit
Warnings: post- AWE (spoilers), slightly AU, sexual encounters, baby!fic
A/N: This is a multi-chapter fic in the Sympathy for the Devil universe (Sympathy chapters are listed here in my fic index), and takes place after the events of that story. The title is from a song on the Mick Jagger album Goddess In The Doorway, lyrics are here. A nod here, to artaxastra and the omniscient and all-powerful OneBrain *g* I offer my heartfelt gratitude to writing_samsara for her support and her beta on Jack’s narrative. Holiday blessings to all of you who read - I hope this finds you well. Feedback and comments are much appreciated, as always. X-posted to pirategasm.


C.5 - Don't Look Back
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