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I saw AWE for the second time yesterday, and I realized that I couldn't very well go without doing a final J/E analysis essay! Especially since, watching it the second time, it was like one big explosion of subtext and parallels and symbols and other things that are known to have made me ramble like a crazy person in the past. ;-)

This one's far more epic than the other two. Be afraid, you guys.
Presenting . . .

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I'm not usually one for commentary...

Almost a year ago, I wrote a "Dead Man's Chest" fic from Elizabeth's perspective and the summary was, "It's the choices we make that ultimately define who we truly are." It was a point I hoped would be touched upon in the final film, how the characters shape their own destinies, and it was a major part of the film's arc but not in the way I'd hoped. Hence, meta-commentary I don't normally write...

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Everyone else is doing it!

Okay, I worked some late nights this last week...in particular yesterday when I was bloody exhausted after being up until 2 AM to see At World's End and had to work 13 hours, and came home at lunch to catch up some more on what you folks thought of the new movie. And, I got a little emotional...okay, a lot emotional, and wrote this long rambling thing. Link goes to my journal, spoilers for AWE obviously.

Rambling, swearing, fan-wanking and unbridled over-emotional diatribe to follow. But it's good, trust me!
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I was thinking...

ok. i had heard on some video (i forget which one) that someone posted here that (referring to Lizzie) you can not make much of a story with an all prim and proper girl like she was before, and that she has changed for the better. I think that if she was to go back to Will that he would still expect her to BE all prim and proper unlike Jack who brings out the real "her" which is not all bows and ribbons. i think Lizzie's heart does and always will lye with Jack's no matter who she chooses if she even chooses anyone at all.

But thats my opinion and theory.


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