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Unfinished Sparrabeth

Sparrabeth Master List?

I've been a fan of Sparrabeth for quite awhile... pretty much since the second movie.  And althought I've read the vast majority of large fics and novels, it's been at least a year since I've actually read or re-read them.  So of course, once I watched PotC the other night, now all I want to do is read some fantastic and preferably long Sparrabeth fics! 

My problem is locating them... so, my question is if anyone knows whether a master list of all Sparrabeth fics over a certain word limit exists?  (I'm generally talking about fics that take several chapters and are quite lengthy.)  Or perhaps someone has an extensive rec list that probably covers many popular and/or lengthy fics?  I know several authors have individual master lists of their own fics on their LJ pages, but I'm hoping there's a big one out there that someone might have put togther.  Help please?  If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know!  Thanks!! 

P.S.  I read Harry Potter fanfics, so master lists have just become common to me, and very convenient to find certain stories!  If there is not "Master List" of Sparrabeth fics, I'd be willing to put one together if anyone is interested or wants to rec fics to me!  :)

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Searching for a fic

Does anyone remember a J/E fic entitled "Never Ever"  or "Never"  or "Never Never Never" or something like that?   It was on fanfiction.net and I can't remember the author's name.  It has to do with Jack and Elizabeth growing old together, settling down in Tortuga and opening a tavern called "The Black Pearl."  

If anyone remembers this or can link me to it, please let me know!

EDIT TO ADD: Thank you to the lovely people who helped me find it.  And I recommend this read! 

Never Never Never by lm_jillybean
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Jack/Elizabeth Johnny/Keira best on-screen match-up at PCA's!

Congratulations to Johnny and Keira for winning the award for best on-screen match-up as Jack and Elizabeth at the People's Choice Awards!!!!!

I guess J/E really is what the people want!  But we've known that all along here at Sparrabeth, haven't we?

Also congrats to Johnny for winning Favorite Male Movie Star and Favorite Male Action Star!
DMC won for best action movie and best drama too!

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